Our History

Puffer-Hefty PTA has a long and rich history as one of the oldest Parent Teacher Associations in the state of Illinois.  On October 17, 1929, 82 parents and teachers formed the Belmont PTA, with the address of Belmont Station, R.R.I Box 503 or Highland Avenue near Fourth Street.  The school was named after Henry Puffer, a farmer who donated the land.  In October 1937, the Belmont PTA name was changed to Puffer School PTA.
In 1941, Agnes Hefty was the PTA secretary.  She became the school principal in 1946 and later served as superintendent.  In 1954, Agnes Hefty received our school’s first PTA Life Membership Award.  Her career in education lasted more than 25 years.  In 1964, Mrs. Hefty became a National PTA Life Member- an incredible accomplishment!  The middle school took on her name that year.  In the 1960s, the PTA also changed its name to the Puffer-Hefty PTA.
During the 1990s, the school district incorporated the elementary and middle school under one name-  Henry Puffer School.  Agnes Hefty’s name was kept at the district level as the Puffer-Hefty School District 69.  When School District 69 was dissolved in 2004, Henry Puffer School became part of Downers Grove Grade School District 58.

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